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Submitted by District 1 West Rep, Lacey Franzen

I started into school for the first day with students three weeks ago. It was a brilliant day outside and one that made me excited to be in the school system for another year. It was also helpful that my daughter was exuberant to be back at school to see her friends (and go to class, I’m sure). How cool!

I was elated for another reason; I got to ride my scooter to school. I had been dreaming about this day for weeks, ever since I’d passed my motorcycle test and drove for the examiner. I was pumped to ride my bike to school! What a momentous occasion! I zoomed in and parked by the school. One student looked at me and said, “Hey, nice bike!”


Rewind three days. Our district brought in a fantastic speaker before the students arrived to motivate and inspire our district employees by the name of Mark Sharenbroich. His principal idea as a motivational speaker is a concept called Nice Bike. Mark’s observations of the Harley Davidson motorcycle rider form the basis for his principal, a rider who is elated when he or she hears from another that their bike is sweet. Mark has built this concept into the idea that we need to make meaningful and conscientious connections with others in our life that we can recall and build upon in the future, making our lives more valuable in the process and blessing those around us, as well. He challenged us to give others the recognition of “nice bike” in their lives when we notice another doing something well or positively serving others. It’s a wake-up call to recognize those around us that we miss every day or don’t receive the recognition they deserve. It’s a heads-up to acknowledge the loved ones in our lives that we don’t ask the real questions we’d like to know or to tell them how much they mean to us. I was blown away that morning.


Share with someone today how much they mean to you. Tell that student what an improvement they have made in their singing, their behavior, their ability to create positive change and a difference for themselves and others around them. Tell a colleague what a fantastic gift they have in creating that sound or in motivating students to do their best.  


I haven’t read Mark’s book yet, Nice Bike: Making Meaningful Connections on the Road of Life. For the time being, I was able to hear his book in action. What struck me the most was how pivotal two small words could be to someone and how you could remember that moment forever, how you could validate someone for the rest of their existence. Saying thank you, you are awesome; you matter because you do. Nice bike, people.


Scharenbroich, Mark. Nice Bike: Making Meaningful Connections on the Road of Life. Greenleaf Book Group, 3 January 2011.


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