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Nebraska Choral Directors Association

2018 Nebraska All-State Show Choir Information


The Nebraska Choral Directors Association proudly announces the selection of the 2018 Nebraska All-State Show Choir!

If your audition ID appears in the listing below, you need to:

  • Accept you position in the choir by filling out this form. Please complete this by Wednesday, April 11.
  • Download the information found in this SHARED GOOGLE FOLDER to being preparing for the All State Show Choir. All four forms here need to be printed, filled out, and returned by May 15, 2018. Directions on how to return the forms are found on the first page of the printed forms. There are four total forms to be returned to your ensemble coordinator – Image Consent, Payment Form, Medical Release Form (2 pgs), and Student Obligation Form (2 pgs). The Medical Release and Student Obligation forms MUST be signed in the presence of a Notary Public.
  • The $225 participation fee needs to be paid by May 15, 2018. A PayPal link is here, which includes a 3% convenience fee. The fee can also be paid by check made out to NCDA with the participant name in the memo line and sent with the participant’s forms to:


All-State Show Choir

Chris Storm R&R

3131 S 156th Street

Omaha, NE 68130


If your number is not listed below, we know you have gained valuable experience from the audition process, and we also know this will make you stronger for the next audition you choose. Thank you for your interest in the NCDA All-State Show Choir!


Congratulations to the 2018 Nebraska All-State Show Choir!


S109   S111   S117   S121   S122   S124

S127   S143   S146   S152   S154   S155


A108   A109   A110   A111   A113   A114

A127   A131   A145   A146   A148   A149


T103   T111   T113   T116   T117   T119

T121   T126   T132   T134   T139   T141


B104   B110   B111   B112   B118   B119

B120   B121   B123   B130   B134   B136


Band – Tuesday, July 10 Only – No Participation Fee Due, but All Forms are necessary.

Guitar – Blake Hudak     Bass – Emily Dresbach     Synth – Trace Moody

Alto Sax – Sydney Holdsworth     Tenor Sax – Cheyenne Moore     Bari Sax – Jack McGowan

Trumpet 1 – Calvin Pilkington     Trumpet 2 – Eliseo Torres     Trumpet 3 – Adam Deutsch

Trombone 1 – Matthew Schultz     Trombone 2 – Cosme Price

Drums & Aux (Parts will be split) – Matthew Leininger & Trey Marquardt

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